Korea Visa Lottery Result 2022 – Download Result PDF

Korea lottery 2022 result has been published here. You can get Korea visa lottery result in this website.

Korea lottery is a good chance to be employment for who are now unemployment. Korean government and Bangladeshi government together created this lottery system so that Bangladeshi unemployed people can have a career. Every year many people apply for this lottery. But not all the people get this chance to go Korea with this lottery

Korea Visa Lottery Result 2022

This year 2022 The BOESL Korea visa lottery was started in January. Many people applied for this lottery. There are many people who wants a good career in Korea. This could be a great chance for them who needs a job.  We published all the information and EPS TOPIK Korea visa lottery result 2022. Read the article carefully. অনলাইনে ট্রেনের টিকিট কাটতে দেখুন

Korea Visa Lottery Result boesl.gov.bd

Are you searching for the Korea visa lottery application result? Then your answer you can get here. There is a official website of BOESL Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Service Limited  boesl.gov.bd    In this website you can get all the information about BOESL Korean visa lottery and get your result. But we did the work for you. We also published the result.

These are the major informations of BOESL EPS TOPIK Korean visa lottery 2022

Primary Registration DateJanuary 2022
Lottery DrawJanuary 2022
Lottery ResultMarch 2022
Final RegistrationNot published
Exam DateNot published
EPS TOPIK Program DateNot published
Final ResultNot published

All the people wants to apply for this lottery. But not all the people can apply for this job. There are some requirements for apply in this Korea lottery 2022. Many people search for how to apply for the Korea visa lottery. Now we will tell you the process.

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How To Apply Korea Lottery

The requirements of this lottery:

  • Applicant must be age of 18-40 years
  • Applicant must be a Bangladeshi citizen.
  • Applicant must have SSC qualification certificate.
  • Applicant must be free from any police case.
  • Applicant must speak Korean Language.
  • Applicant must have a valid Passport so that he can go Korea anytime.

The EPS Employment Power System has 3 phases of exam. Written, Medical and verbal. First you have to pass the written test. Many question related to Korea and Korean Language will be asked in the exam. If you are passed in this EPS written exam you can participate in the medical exam for Korea EPS visa lottery 2022.

Korea Circular 2022

Then you have to pass the medical test. If you are unfit to go abroad you will be failed in the medical test. Many people are failed in medical test due to physical problem. But if you are lucky and you don’t have any physical problem or you can easily go to abroad you will be passed in this exam. Then you have to join the verbal exam. If you have proper preparation you can pass this phase too.

BOESL Korea Lottery

BOESL EPS Korean visa lottery is a desire for many people who are not employed or searching for a suitable earning job. With this lottery anyone can have a nice career in Korea. The application method is completed in the official website of BOESL boesl.gov.bd or boesl.org.bd    In this website you can apply for the Korean Lottery visa 2022 and get the information about this application which you want.

This year the Korean Lottery was published few months ago. Many people applied for the lottery. But not all the people got selected. The selection method is a computerized system. In that system if 8,000 people fill the form of application of the Korea lottery the system automatically select some people for that. That’s is why it is a matter of luck to get the Korea  Visa lottery. But getting the lottery will not take you to Korea. You have to pass all the EPS exams. After all the phases you can get the visa of Korea and have a nice career.

Korea Lottery Result 2022

We hope this article helped you finding the information about BOESL Korean visa lottery 2022.