Sakib 75 Healthcare Service

Sakib75 healthcare service is a new health service started few days ago. It was started by Bangladeshi celebrity cricketer Sakib Al Hasan. All the information of sakib 75 healthcare service and healthcard are given below.

You may heard of new Sakib 75 healthcare service. This sakib 75 service provides a healthcard by which you can get discount from many health service in Bangladesh. With this sakib 75 health card you can get upto 35% discount on many health service or diagnostic test. This service is provided in 200 hospitals in Bangladesh. Which is really great.

Sakib 75 Healh Card

In Bangladesh this service sakib75 health card is really benefit able. Because Bangladesh is a poor country. Mostly people of our country is living under the poor level.  Most of the people could not get medical service due to money problem. This health card will help them who can not get medical treatment for money. As our country’s health ratio will rise.  There are many people who dies for not taking treatment of disease. This sakib 75 healthcard could help them.

Sakib 75 Healthcare Service

You can get the health card from the sakib 75 app which you can find on google play store. There you can get your healthcard with only 275 taka. You can also get that card from the official website of the Sakib75 health team. The process  of getting healthcard is given below:

  • First go to the website
  • There you can find  a option ‘Get your Card’
  • Click on that option
  • You have to sign up there.
  • You  have to provide your mobile number
  • A OTP will be sent to your phone number.
  • You have to provide your OTP and your sign up will be complete.
  • Then you just give a password of your account.

The process of getting the card on sakib75 app is same. The sakib75 app will work in every android device.

Sakib 75 Healthcare Service

You have to pay 275 taka for the card. You can pay the fee through BKASH mobile banking. After you pay the fee you will have your health card in just 4 days. For Sakib 75 Healthcare Service You can use both Sakib75 app or the   

There are 3 major services of this sakib75 organization. They are:

1. Healthcare Card

2.Covid package


Serive of Sakib 75 health service

The health card can give you some discount on  diagnostic test in some hospital and diagnostic center. There you can have up to 35% discount on various test and services.  It will be helpful to some people who couldnot complete his treatment for money problem. The card will provide you discount for a whole year. You can have a new card after one year.Sakib 75 Healthcare Service

The covid package will provide you all the services related to Covid-19.

Corona test by Sakib75 Health Service

The advantageous thing of this sakib75 service is that from it you can get medical advice anytime anywhere. You can simply contact to any registerd medical doctor with this service. This service will be  available 24/7. You can also have corona test at home with sakib75 service. You simply just apply for covid 19 test and they will take your sample from your home. Also you can have some diagnostic service like Blood and Urine test at home.

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Sakib 75 Health Card

The Sakib 75 Healthcare Service is managed by some intelligent people of our country. The management of Sakib75 service:

Abu Salman Mohammad Abdullal- Director of marketing, Sakib75 healthcare service limited.

Dr. Monzur Hossain Chowdhury- Medical consultant

Md Mahedi Hossain- Director Logistics

Dr. Sumiya Akther- Medical consultant

Dr. shanzida Zahan- Medical consultant

Among them Dr. Monzur Hossain Chowdhury, Dr. Sumiya Akther and Dr. Shanzida Zahan works as doctors for sakib75 team.

E-mail of Sakib75 healthcare service:

                     Their phone number is:      01670933833